Dry Florals

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Dry preserved flowers, also known as 'everlasting' florals have quickly become one of our most requested styles and you can see why. Apart from their papery beauty they are so diverse and can be used to create everything from a buttonhole to a full installation. These require a lot less fuss and care than their short lived fresh equivalents and can be even more robust and perfect for head banging or shuffling on the dance floor. We love to see Mountain Daisy bouquets in remote elopements which is possible due to their practicality. Oh and dry work can be posted world wide! Everlasting flowers can hold your wedding days memories for years to come if correctly looked after and British grown dried florals are the ultimate in helping our environmental footprint. If you love the look and ethos behind everlasting flowers but still crave the scent and thought of fresh flora we always suggest mixing both to make the most special wedding arrangements.

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Photo by Wild Soul
Photo by Wild Soul
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